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Embrace Artificial and Authentic

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

It goes without saying that we live in a time of rapid change and innovation — new platforms, filters, electric-things, artificial intelligence, and so on. Not only does something new appear seemingly everyday, but we are also inundated with the news of such creations with every click and scroll. This experience can be both inspiring and overwhelming. Have you ever stopped to think, “What does this mean to me?” Not to be too existential or anything, but we exist in a swirling cloud of marketing material algorithms. Every tap, click and view is tracked for the purpose of making somebody money. And now, A.I. is destined to shake and speed things up in ways we have yet

to see.

In contrast, consider what brings you calm and comfort – quiet mornings with a cup of coffee, that post-workout feeling of accomplishment, cuddling on the sofa with your kitty or pup, the smell of your freshly cleaned kitchen, or time outside. Your home often provides space for rest and rejuvenation. A home that feels grounded reflects your lifestyle and values. It takes intentional effort no matter your talents or budget or whether you rent or own. It is ever-evolving and never perfect.

So let’s remix these ideas. Artificial intelligence has entered the world of interior design. This innovation comes in the form of quickly generated imagery to show the potential of what products will look like in a space – both IKEA and Wayfair offer such tools. A.I. can also be used to visualize the potential of a space. Rendered images illustrate spatial design, material selections, lighting and mood that may be difficult to understand without them. Whether visual or verbal, A.I. references the infinite internet world, a human-made world. There is most certainly bias, questions of ownership, and perhaps, when referencing a limited collection of options, prescribed, sales-driven results. These picture perfect images do not necessarily represent reality, and perfection is simply not possible.

“ChatGPT [A.I. in general] is expressing creativity. But it is not human creativity.” Ken Goldberg of the Boston Globe challenges us to give A.I. a chance – “engage with it and explore how it can combine and extend previous ideas.” It is a tool, just like other historic innovations. We add our voice to that challenge, and suggest doing so thoughtfully. We have learned that spaces, whether formally designed or collected and decorated over time, involve conversation. Conversation with an interior designer, conversation with loved ones, conversation with self. There is nuance and iteration. Creativity bears witness to vulnerability and at least a little bit of failure. And that’s the point.

Flourish and Foundry’s mission is to empower your decision-making while shopping for your home. Our approach embraces the authenticity brought by the human touch. As we guide, inspire and furnish for a better life at home, we will use technology combined with tactility. Above all, we believe that human connection will drive our success, the success of our maker partners, and the beauty you create in your home.

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