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These values are important to us.


Low Impact

We care about living healthy lives that reduce harmful impacts on our planet. We aim to reduce waste - for us and you. We believe taking the time to learn about how products are produced and their lasting impact is important. The adage is true - good things come to those who wait. 

Ethical Sourcing

People come first. We believe that our employees and makers should not be exploited in order to bring you beautiful things for your home. We expect all our partners to pay fair wages, provide good working conditions and support high quality of life for all involved in the making process. 

Quality and Value

We are inundated with noise in today's current market.  We want to cut through the noise by providing vetted products made by real people with traceable sources.  You shouldn't have to exhaust yourself searching for information. We will always be honest and transparent with you. 

Flourish and Foundry Logo

an LGBTQ+ and women-owned Boston based business

Sarah Marchione and Marcus Hamblin. Co-founders of Flourish and Foundry .

We want to help you grow your own individual style and

learn how to live authentically in your home.

After finishing our Interior Design degrees at the Boston Architectural College and practicing at firms, we reflected on how we could impact a broader community.​ As designers, we understand how to interpret someone’s personal style into the design of their home.

As consumers, we recognize the potential to improve the shopping experience for home decor. We recognize purchasing for your home takes time. Our service allows you to build a foundation and grows with you as you flourish.

Marcus and Sarah Signatures

Sarah Marchione and Marcus Hamblin

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