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  • Want to host an event with us?
    We offer private events in our brick & mortar shop that combine our products with unique artisan experiences. The goal is always to provide insight into how to make your home a place the at reflects your lifestyle, while creating something memorable. Please email us at
  • Worth the Wait - Lead Times
    It is the nature of our products that they take time to make and ship. While we do stock some items, others are ordered from our maker partners when you order from us with some things made to order. Each of our maker partners works a little differently, so be sure to scroll down on the page of the product(s) you would like to purchase. It is always our goal to give you the best experience possible, so we appreciate your patience as we deliver you high quality products.
  • Shipping
    We aim to provide the most efficient and low-impact shipping possible. All packing materials and boxes can be recycled and/or composted. Please check your local guidelines for disposing. For more information about shipping, please see our Shop Policies.
  • Materials - Caring for Your Products
    Quality products stand the test of time when they are cared for properly. Each product page notes how to care for the item you are purchasing. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.
  • What do you mean by “Low Impact on the Environment?”
    It is central to our mission [link] to lower the impact of home goods on the environment. We do this in a variety of ways and are always looking to improve. Primarily, we source products made with renewable and/or recycled materials, done so ethically. We also do everything we can to reduce single-use plastic in our packaging and shipping. We aim to be as transparent as possible and not “green wash” with terminology to make you think we’re doing the right thing.
  • Personalized Shopping - Supporting Your Lifestyle
    We don’t focus on trends, we focus on you. We offer 30-minute personalized shopping by appointment for $25. This becomes a credit when you purchase $75 or more. Please sign up for your appointment here.
  • Corporate Gifting
    We love working with building owners, designers, and other companies to provide unique and meaningful gifts to their clients, residents, and partners. We provide a personalized experience to connect people to your brand and leave a lasting impression. Please email us at to discuss how we can work together.
  • Attending an Event?
    Our ticketed events are always a special experience. For information and policies, please refer our Events page.
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