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We Are In This Together – Our Approach to Low-Impact Living.

Reducing harmful impacts on the environment as a result of producing and using home goods is central to our mission to guide, inspire and furniture for a better life at home. It is also important to us that we recognize our responsibility to support you in this effort by providing transparent information about our products without creating an atmosphere of shame and scarcity. It is common for large corporations to create “green or sustainable” marketing campaigns calling you to do things to conserve or protect the environment all while their manufacturing and/or other processes have a much greater impact on our planet. They essentially shift blame from themselves directly onto you…in the end making you feel like sh*t. Our approach is different.

We recognize that the climate crisis and global waste are HUGE problems, greater than any single person or company can tackle. These are collective issues that can only be solved by collective effort. So before you get overwhelmed, we encourage you to take a breath and dispel any feelings of shame. Just let it go. You are doing your best at any given moment, and it is completely okay that you have room to grow. We all do. Here are a few ways we are here to guide and inspire you as you lower the impact of furnishing your home.

  1. We are committed to not contributing to the cycle of one-time use products. We bring you goods from maker partners who create with durability, quality and longevity in mind. This means that your everyday dishware should last a long time, not be supplemented by disposable products, and not be so precious that it hides away in a cabinet except for those special occasions. You should also not be fooled into thinking that a look, pattern or color you love is suddenly “not in” anymore. We believe that the things you enjoy are inherently timeless and more important than market-driven trends. Update your home goods as your home and lifestyle evolve.

  2. Help you understand how to use what you purchase from us. Some things may seem obvious, but others may require a shift in mindset. For example, switching from disposable paper towels and napkins to reusable linens may seem daunting due to the extra laundry. However, we lead busy lives just like you – work, kids, carpool, going to the gym, etc. We get it. Our product descriptions clearly note how to care for things and we sell products that don’t make it difficult to care for them in the first place. We will help you incorporate products that complement and enhance your lifestyle.

  3. Bring you products made with non-toxic, recycled, and naturally-renewable materials. Our maker partners are committed to a variety of methods of creating products that are healthy, free of harmful materials and low impact on the environment. They often employ handmade techniques, responsibly-powered manufacturing and source raw materials locally. These contribute to lowering their carbon footprint. Together we are committed to doing things differently than large, corporate manufacturers. We are also focused on becoming a zero waste company by packaging and shipping with recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.

  4. Our initial approach has been to do all of the above, recognizing we will continue to improve as new materials and methods become available. We have no interest in misleading you by green washing. We carefully select who we work with and how we deliver our products. We are unapologetic about our high expectations. We also expect you to tell us what’s important to you. In return, we aim to build your trust as we communicate how we do things and how we intend to grow.

We all want to do our best to preserve the beautiful world we live in. We are your partner for every effort you take to do this. As we learn and improve together, we hope that shopping with Flourish & Foundry feels like using a trusted resource and brings you peace of mind.

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