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People First.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When we began cultivating the idea of Flourish & Foundry (before we even had the name), centralizing makers and their stories was foundational. As designers, we have a behind-the-scenes view of what human hands can create. From the passion in the minds that inspires their creations, to the sweat and effort that brings them to life, makers imprint their stories in each item they produce. These stories influence both the quality and aesthetic of our products, and add deeper meaning. Embracing and celebrating the makers behind everything we sell is foundational to the value that Flourish & Foundry intends to bring to you.

So, here are some of their stories.

The Herdmar family of Caldas das Taipas, Portugal has been producing cutlery since 1911. When you set foot inside Herdmar’s headquarters, the attention to detail is palpable. The family-owned practice crafts quality pieces with expert knowledge that has passed down through generations. Each piece has been touched by the hands of expert makers. This environment results in flatware that stands the test of time in both aesthetic and durability.

Convivial began in 2014 by our Founder & Lead Designer, Chentell Stiritz. The company evolved in place, structure and process over years of company-built, boot-strapped growth. The Convivial studio was located in four various locations before establishing a more substantial space in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri. Their vision to create handmade wares, designed in intention and form to spur on conviviality (friendliness, joy, ya know...good things) in customers’ lives, to create handmade wares that were accessible in price, function and availability for gifting and everyday use, and to create hands-on, technical and craft jobs for creatives inspires us.

Originating in 2019, A Predominantly Black Candle Haus is a handmade home and body fragrance house located in Los Angeles, California. Owner + Creator + Mother Maker, Mya Sinquefield, is a self-taught maker. She expands her knowledge with continuous research, reading, and experimentation. Rooted in commitment to eco-friendly practices and premium quality, PB strives to create a harmonious balance between opulence, environmental consciousness, and accessibility.

Handcrafted in the Philippines, our acacia wood products are made by a small family-run studio that started in the 1970’s. This collection only uses licensed and sustainably-sourced wood with a food-safe finish. Founded in 2004, Creative Women is a fair trade certified company working with over 1400 women in 14 countries. They are committed to long term artisan partnerships that create meaningful and lasting impacts on families and communities. As the name suggests, they believe that women are creative agents for change and we strive for each of them to know their value and voice.

We are steeped in the idea that there is beauty in production. Work is a part of the human experience, whether for profession or as part of daily life. The work of the makers we partner with is based in passion, tradition and craft. However, it is painfully clear in the capitalism of recent decades, while many innovations improve efficiency of production, much of the focus of corporations is to minimize the need for people to maximize their profits. The baseline approach no longer provides for the basic needs of workers. This is unacceptable. This is why we are bypassing corporations and only working with other small businesses.

A beautiful part of building Flourish & Foundry has been getting to know our makers. Their commitment to their craft and their people is helping us build a solid foundation as we disrupt the home goods industry. So, as our mission reads, “People come first. We believe that our employees and makers should not be exploited in order to bring you beautiful things for your home. We expect all our partners to pay fair wages, provide good working conditions and support high quality of life for all involved in the making process.” There is no compromising on this. Our challenge to you is to begin to reframe how you look at the things you bring into your home. Who is behind that pillow or hand towel? Where did those plates come from? Your home should be a reflection of your personal lifestyle and be an expression of what’s important to you. It is our goal to support your efforts to build your home in a way that feels authentic and values the stories of the people who make your home… home.

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