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Our Quality and Value

Flourish & Foundry's core philosophy promotes better values for living. As consumers and fellow humans, we understand the time and effort it takes to develop and manage a home… and that you’re busy with a million things going on at once. We know that you want the best things at a price that feels right. You want things to last. You want to impact the environment as minimally as possible and ensure those involved in the making of your goods are treated fairly. It’s just kind of a mess out there in the vast (mostly) digital world of home decor.

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We experience the noise of marketing convenience and options and ever-evolving trends that, while beautiful, are often only achieved by design professionals and lots of staging and photographic magic. Additionally, we are all constantly bombarded by “money-saving” ads. Sale! Hurry now! Don’t miss out! Last chance! Many companies capitalize on scarcity - your fear of not having the latest best thing - and exploit of your desire to save. We get it, no one wants to spend their money on things that don’t seem worth it, but when you step back and think about the value of what you’re purchasing, what aspects of it actually matter to you? Do you need this thing? Does it add to your life?

A false sense of value suggests that sometimes what appears to be a cheaper option at first glance can end up costing you more over time. The perceived savings is actually a waste of money because the original thing needs to be replaced relatively quickly (sometimes again and again.) This isn’t an accident, it’s the goal. This disposable economy keeps you coming back, spending more in the long run for things that should be built to last. There is very little if any connection to where products come from and who is involved in the process of getting them to you. It is quantity over quality.

We aim to realistically balance our customers’ needs for items for their homes with a thoughtful approach to quality. As designers, we understand how to recognize good products and we have access to tools continually refine this skill. It wasn’t long ago that there weren’t hundreds of options for all the things we need, but now it seems like there is a never-ending web of stuff. The development of Flourish & Foundry to this point has involved countless hours of research and vetting makers and products that uphold our values. (This will never stop!) This reflects time that you might spend scouring the internet to find the best option for something new for your home, trying to understand quality through imagery, balancing price, ethics, and environmental impact. You practically need a dictionary to navigate the infinite buzzwords rooted in good intention, but now seem cliche and overused. How can you really understand quality without seeing something in real life?

Our approach creates value through story. As our customers appreciate who is behind our products, their lives at home will be more beautiful and purposeful. Get to know the makers of our products here. Our customers easily understand the origin and content of our products and how they’re used. Transparent print and digital marketing are woven throughout the shopping experience. We vet our offerings, will share what we know, and continually improve our process. Simply put, we will not bullsh*t you.

The worth of home goods can also be realized through tactile experience with them. With a brick and mortar shop designed as a showroom and event space, our customers can touch and get to know the products. We will be there to guide and encourage you. Our ticketed events (launching soon) will connect you with makers, local artisans and creators. There will be authentic opportunities to use our products, teaching you aspects of building and sharing a home, all while in a calm environment rooted in good, honest vibes. Our goal is provide you with products and moments that bring you joy, support your lifestyle, and feel valuable.

So here’s the bottom line. The value we bring to you is time saved, relationships developed, products tested and definitions understood to deliver quality products you can trust in the most convenient way we can. You simply can’t point and click your way to a home that reflects your lifestyle and values. It takes time and that’s okay. We will never make you feel guilty or push trends on you. In many ways, this is how shopping used to be. Together we will evolve how we purchase things for our homes, lowering our collective impact on the environment, supporting diverse lifestyles, and empowering small businesses.

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