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Zero-waste Striped Linen Tea Towel

Zero-waste Striped Linen Tea Towel

SKU: 7069410535071


  • Product Use

    • These striped linen tea towels are made as a part of a zero-waste program, where Magic Linen uses excess linen textile from their production, allowing them to minimize fabric waste and environmental impact.
    • The striped tea towels are designed to combine two different colors and feature a small loop that will let you hang them anywhere you wish.
    • Tidying up around the kitchen has never been easier than with the help of durable, soft, and super absorbent linen tea towels. Stylish and practical, they will compliment any interior.
    • Comes in various colors.
  • Material

    • Zero-waste, made from linen fabric leftovers
    • 100% Linen, made from European Flax
    • Stone washed for maximum softness
    • OEKO-TEX certified (2019OK0776)
  • Dimensions

    20" x 27''

  • Product Care

    • We always recommend washing linen materials separately in lukewarm water 40°C/104°F or even cold water in a gentle machine cycle with the mild detergent formulated for delicate or linen fabrics. Do not use bleaching or detergents with color brighteners as they can discolor and weaken your linen sheets. Do not overload your machine, rinse your linen properly in order to remove any detergent or fabric softener residue.
    • Linen material can be tumble-dried on low heat. We recommend drying not completely, but leaving them a bit damp and hanging or laying flat to finish the drying process.
  • Lead Time

    1 - 2 weeks

  • Created

    Made in Lithuania by Magic Linen

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