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Dehydrated Orange Wheels

Dehydrated Orange Wheels

SKU: 2901736005071

Dried oranges dehydrated at peak ripeness and at a low temperature to maintain flavor. Adds a subtle but fresh orange flavor to any drink or recipe.

  • Product Use

    Simply dehydrated orange slices and nothing else. NO added sugar, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO sulfites, NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

    • DRIED FRUIT COCKTAIL GARNISH: Add a dehydrated orange wheel for a beautiful finish to any cocktail, or use in flavored water, tea or for desserts and baking.
    • EDIBLE DRIED ORANGE SLICES - GREAT FOR BAKING: Crafted in small batches with all natural ingredients to ensure peak freshness and flavor. Totally edible and thin sliced dried orange wheels you can add as a dried fruit cocktail garnish or add to any favorite recipe.
  • Material

    Oranges thinly sliced at their height of ripeness, then dehydrated.  Dehydration preserves the fruit until such time that it gets re-hydrated.  So these oranges can last forever if kept dry.

  • Dimensions

    8 x 5 x 2 inches

  • Product Care

    These oranges have a 12 month shelf life.

  • Lead Time

    1 week

  • Created

    Made in the USA by Blue Henry

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