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Porcelain - 10 oz Minimal Mug

Porcelain - 10 oz Minimal Mug

SKU: 1479792660071

Minimal porcelain mug. (Mugs are sold individually or may be sold as part of a full set, 5 Dinner Plates, 5 Salad Plates, 5 Bowls & 5 Mugs, for 25% the total price of the set. Discount is shown in your cart.)

  • Product Use

    Able to hold 10 oz of liquid. Each piece is handmade using a proprietary porcelain clay and finished in a signature ivory glaze. The base of each piece has been sanded to ensure it does not scratch tables.

  • Material

    Material: Sand Stoneware
    Glaze: Ivory

  • Dimensions

    Mug: 3.5" h, about 3" diameter
    Capacity: 10 oz

  • Product Care

    Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe

  • Lead Time

    1 - 2 weeks

  • Created

    Made in the Kansas City by Convivial

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